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Professional bereavement support to grieving children, teens, young adults and their families

Bereaved children and teens is a prevalent and critical public health issue that has long been overlooked. It can have a profound impact on the future well-being and mental health of those affected. Grief is not a problem or an issue that can be fixed. It is a process of transforming pain and suffering into healing and hope.

The death of a parent/sibling or other important persons in a child/teens life is commonly reported as being one of the most disruptive childhood experiences. Unaddressed and unprocessed grief can cause negative consequences for children and teens and create significant stress and dysfunction in families. Unlike most adults children/teens lack the ability to accurately identify, verbalize and express the conflicting emotions of grief. Many experience physiological symptoms such as changes in behavior, sleep, or eating habits. Concentration and school performance can drop dramatically; and without support they may exhibit self-destructive behavior such as fighting, self harm or substance abuse