Our sincere gratitude to those who have supported the forward movement of The Club.  

We look forward to having others join us in a way that is meaningful to you
as we work together to heal hurting hearts.

BDI | Community

Bob Pearl Photography

Children’s Bereavement Center of Southern Texas

Creative Fundraising Advisors

Danielle Creative Co

Doran Construction

Erin’s House for Grieving Children 

Jessica’s House

Judi’s House/JAG Institute

Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Miller Dunwidde

Mourning Hope Grief Center


Frank Ragnow, NFL Detroit Lions

Sussner Design Company

Other Individual Donors

“The Grief Club of Minnesota is for families, young kids and teens who have lost a parent or loved one and are dealing with grief. 

When I was 20, my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack.  Dealing with grief is something I’m still dealing with…

So that, combined with the fact that I’m so proud of my mom making it into a positive, and joining the Club, becoming a part of the board of directors, and working with the Club, is why I chose this cause.”

– Frank Ragnow

NFL, Detroit Lions