The Grief Club of Minnesota

A Healing Place for Children,
Teens, and Families

"I can't say it enough how healing and wonderful it would have been to walk in The Grief Club and to be able to have care for the whole family to move forward together and heal."

-Katie, widow and mother of three

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To provide a place where grieving children, teens, and their families find connections, share their experiences and heal.

“My heart and my whole body hurt because I miss my dad so much. It’d be nice to have a place to go where someone could understand how much I miss him and help me feel better.”

-Tommy, age 11


The Grief Club of Minnesota will be a one of a kind, independent children’s grief center offering professional bereavement support to grieving children and families.

Recognized as the premier provider of whole family care, all under one roof in the Twin Cities metro area.

No cost to participants.

Safe haven of support, hope, companionship, healing and unconditional acceptance.

Innovative programming, specialized support services, education and advocacy.

Peer grief support groups, individual and family counseling provided by high quality, trained mental health professionals.

Day and overnight bereavement camps located in an already existing beautiful space in the metro area.

Foster healthy grief responses one child, one family at a time.


Nearly every state in the United States has a children’s grief center – and many have more than one. Minnesota does not.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to grieve in community, with peers who understand and caring professionals who are able to support their individualized needs after a loss. 

Cara and Sarah have the professional experience and bereavement expertise to make The Grief Club of Minnesota a safe and powerful place of healing and growth.  

Perhaps more importantly, they have a personal passion and energy for this mission that is vital to the success and sustainability of what will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset for the state.”

– Brook Griese, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Co-Founder – Judi’s House/JAG Institute
Denver, Colorado

“Ever since my mom died in the accident I have felt so alone. I’m pretty sure my dad and brothers feel lonely, too. I just really wish there was a place where we could all go together to get help and be with other people our age who get how terrible this pain is.  Our family almost never talks about my mom anymore and she was too good of a person to not be remembered.”

– Anna, age 16


Peaceful and welcoming home-like setting surrounded by nature.

Kitchen for family meals and gathering space for large group activities.

Specialized age-appropriate breakout rooms offering multiple modalities of ways for healthy grief expression.

Art room, dramatic play room, game room, mock-hospital room, star stimulated room,
time capsule room, music room, yoga and meditation room.

Efficient design that allows The Grief Club to expand services throughout years.


We Need Your Support

Be a part of the healing
by supporting The Club.

The commitment and generosity from others is integral as we move forward
with this important mission and vision of ensuring limited barriers to comprehensive,
whole family care to grieving children, teens and families in Minnesota.

Please know that all contributions, no matter how big or small, are deeply appreciated.

Now is the time, Minnesota needs to rally together as a community to wrap our resources around grieving children and their families.”

Cara, Co-Founder