Our Founders

The journey to the creation of The Grief Club of Minnesota began for the Co-Founders, Cara and Sarah, when they were children as they both experienced the deaths of significant family members.  They both recognize and understand the multifaceted emotions that are felt when a family member dies and the importance of grieving and healing together as a family.  

Their grief journey’s inspired their professional careers of becoming social workers in the field of end of life care and bereavement with a special emphasis on supporting grieving children and teens. They have dedicated their combined 45 years in their professional careers as hospice social workers, school grief counselors, mental health crisis and trauma responders, co-owners of a private grief therapy practice and co-founders of The Grief Club. 

Over many years they have done extensive research, and developed positive working relationships with the Executive Directors of grief centers throughout the country who have partnered with them while they created The Grief Club of Minnesota.  Because of these significant relationships, their expertise and compassion, they have a strong understanding of what is needed to sustain a successful, compassionate, whole-family grief center.

Sarah Kroenke & Cara Mearns-Thompson

Cara and Sarah have the professional experience and bereavement expertise to make The Grief Club of Minnesota a safe and powerful place of healing and growth. Perhaps more importantly, they have a personal passion and energy for this mission that is vital to the success and sustainability of what will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset for the state.

Brook Griese, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder of Judi’s House, Denver, CO
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