Words from the Heart

Testimonials from those we have had the honor and privilege of supporting on their grief journey

I am one of the 1 in 13 children who has had a parent or sibling die by the time they are 18.

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The services offered through The Grief Club of Minnesota have had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of my children.

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What helps me is being able to talk about my feelings with The Grief Club and my family.

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There are no words for the gratitude that I have for The Grief Club of Minnesota.

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My children and I would like to express our gratitude to The Grief Club of Minnesota, for their ongoing, heartfelt support following the death of my husband and my children’s father. Sarah, and Cara are the embodiment of goodness. They have an innate ability to listen deeply and engage emotionally, while also creating a safe and comfortable environment for us to grieve, share, connect and heal. We can’t thank you enough.

Amy, widow and parent of grieving children

The Grief Club of Minnesota has really helped me. Talking about my Daddy and making things that remind me of him, makes me feel happy.

Sydney, 6

What has helped me is meeting other kids who have experienced a similar loss. It makes me feel like I’m not alone.

Sam, 10

Cara and Sarah have created such a beautiful and healing place called The Grief Club of MN for families who have gone through what we have gone through. Our stories and experiences may be different, but our pain and loss are the same. My children meet with other kids who have been dealt such a deep horrible loss, and they understand each other and realize it will be okay. The children are able to explore their feelings in a positive and even sometimes fun way. Many times I would see them laughing which made me relieved and happy. And the other widows became not only friends but like a family to me. Like we are relatives through grief. We support each other, share and listen. The Grief Club of MN is a healing place, and I am so very very grateful it exists.

Michelle, widow & parent of grieving children

After the death of my daughter, my heart was in a million pieces and I had no hope of ever finding peace or joy in my life again. Week after week my counselor guided me through the worst pain imaginable with great respect and compassion. Because of (my counselor) I am slowly finding hope, healing and learning how to continue a bond with my sweet girl. With my whole heart, I highly recommend The Grief Club of Minnesota to any grieving parent or anyone who is grieving.

Lisa, grieving parent

My counselor helped me understand that all of my feelings are okay and that tears are a sign of love. I always feel better after talking with her.

Molly, age 14

Within one session of the parent-child support grief support group series I felt less alone. Being surrounded by others who understood my pain and the challenges of parenting after the death of a spouse brought me such a sense of peace. My kids and I looked forward to our weekly sessions. The counselors were not only caring and supportive, but provided me with professional guidance on how to parent grieving kids.

Mary, widow and parent of grieving children

Our family grief support counseling sessions have been so valuable and important as it is really the only time our family talks together about how we are all feeling since the death of my wife, the kids mom. Their mom wanted our kids to find someone and some place where we could all heal together. I am so relieved that our family has The Grief Club. Our counselor has a unique, almost magical way of making each of us feel comfortable and open up about how we are doing during this difficult time.

Tim, widow and parent of grieving children

My counselor saved my life. Literally. I don’t know if I would be alive today without her care and support. She never gave up on me.

Jack, age 17

I feel so lucky to be a part of The Grief Club. My counselor has helped me way more than anyone ever has since my mom died six years ago. I can tell she really cares about me. She doesn’t tell me how I am supposed to feel. She really listens and then, together, we come up with a plan for things that I am struggling with. She never judges me.

Lilly, age 15

Since my first session with my counselor it was very evident that she is skilled in working with individuals and families who are grieving. Her insight into the grieving process is admirable and brings great comfort to me as a parent of 3 grieving kids. I spoke to several counselors before finding one that I completely trust to work with my kids. There are no words to truly express how fortunate I feel to have the support of The Grief Club.

Michelle, widow and parent of grieving children

After the death of our son we were filled with paralyzing fear about how we would be able to help our surviving kids cope and process the death of their brother because we could hardly take care of ourselves. It feels like a miracle to have met our counselor at The Grief Club. It takes an incredibly experienced and skilled counselor to do the work that she has done with our family.

Nate and Laura, grieving parents

Cara and Sarah were exceptional in their delivery of a sensitive and emotional topic. Our staff gained great knowledge about kids’ grief, ways to be of support and mental health as it relates to the grieving youth that we work with. Their expertise in the field of bereavement is invaluable.

Corporate Manager

It is evident that my counselor is skilled and trained in grief and trauma work. She was able to help me understand and process the multifaceted emotions and complicated feelings that I was experiencing after the death of my husband who died by suicide. She provided me with tangible, simple, honest guidelines of how to talk to my children about their dad’s death. Although the sessions with me and my kids are oftentimes difficult we always leave our sessions feeling a little lighter and with a sense of hope for better days ahead.

Kelly, widow and parent of grieving children